History – Major Hightlights


The company Aperitivos y Extrusionados was founded in 1983 in the town of Ribaforada (Navarre). This company began operations in 1979 under the trade name ASPIL.


In 1993, we purchased Frutos Secos Abrego, which was located in the town of Andosilla in Navarre and had been operational since 1956. In 1995, we decided to consolidate the production of both companies in Ribaforada.


Four years later, in 1999, the company was fully integrated to the Grupo Borges, becoming a part of the dried fruit and nuts division which brings together all of the import, export, manufacture and sales activities of nuts and snacks.


In 2000, the merger by acquisition of ASPIL and ABREGO took place and the diversification of their production continued by limiting their brand Ábrego to dried fruit and nuts, and assigning the trade name Aspil to snacks.


Sales to retail began in 2006. A new acquisition took place this year which involved the incorporation of the brand TRAVESA and several of its products.


logo snacks&co fondo blanco
A year later, the brand name Snacks & Co was established, with kids and adolescents as the target customers. Disassociation from the Grupo Borges, which was purchased by TWIN-SCREW, also occurred this year.


In February 2011 we bought the Valencian company Papas Vicente Vidal, which was founded in 1931 and is the benchmark company in the Spanish potato crisps market. With this acquisition, Apex began manufacturing and selling potato crisps with the trade name Vicente Vidal, and multiplied its presence in the retail channel.

In July of the same year, we acquired Aperitivos Gus, a private label manufacturing specialist with a plant in Leon. This acquisition makes Grupo Apex the Spanish leader in private label sales, with the most modern factory in the sector. It also gives us the competitive edge by purchasing the raw material (potato) directly from farmers.