Creating top-quality potato crisps, snacks and nuts is what we live for at Grupo Apex and it has been that way since the very beginning.

Since being established, Grupo Apex has been working closely with its major passion, making high-quality potato crisps, snacks and nuts. This is achieved by overseeing the product manufacturing process from the beginning right to the very end:

  • With a meticulous selection process of raw materials: potatoes, corn, oils, flavourings, etc.
  • Manufacturing them under strict production control and by implementing the most demanding quality standards.

The uniqueness of the packaging, shapes and textures, as well as gifts, promotions and the commitment to obtaining the most relevant brand licenses provide added value and allow us to offer customers extra fun and entertainment.

All of these values have helped Grupo Apex develop a presence in all sales channels.



Potato crisps factory

Riego de la Vega (León)

Factory specialised in processing potato crisps and fried snacks.

Opened in July 2010 with an 18,000 m² surface area. It is the most modern industrial plant in the sector.

It procures raw potatoes directly from farmers.

Miramar (Valencia)

Factory specialized in manufacturing top quality potato chips.

Opened in 1992 with 3,000 m²

Getafe (Madrid)

Factory specialized in the manufacture of high quality potato chips and snacks.

Opened in 2001 with 3,000 m²

Extruded snacks factory

Ribaforada (Navarra)
Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza)

Factory specialised in manufacturing a wide range of extruded cereal snacks and nuts specialities (corn, broad beans, etc.).

a wide range of extruded cereal snacks and nut specialties (corn, beans, …).

14,000 m² + 8,000 m²


Ribarroja del Turia (Valencia)
Tresarri (Basque Country)
Garbellador (Palma Mallorca)
Wharehouses with direct sales team and platform for Mediterranean customers.





€70,0 million


International market

We are currently operating in: