Our commitment

At Grupo Apex, we strive every day to offer the best products and services and maintain a close connection with the land, through three main actions: collaborating with local suppliers, sustainability and seeking social and economic development in our area of influence.

Our raw materials

We always choose raw materials from the local area. In the specific case of Vicente Vidal crisps, we establish control and monitoring processes for everything from planting the certified seed that we provide to the farmers who monitor the entire growth process with us until harvesting.

Our products

We strive to continuously improve our products by improving their nutritional value: reducing the amount of saturated fat and sodium, not using preservatives or allergens, and removing flavour enhancers… We are constantly seeking sustainability by launching ECO alternatives to our products.


We look after resources by setting ourselves stricter targets for responsible consumption and seeking out a circular life cycle: water reuse policies, optimising our logistics operations, reducing energy consumption and favouring clean energy and reusing resources such as the by-products of corn or potato starch for animal feed.

Quality and safety in Grupo Apex

Every day, we strive to offer products that satisfy the needs of our customers – people looking for an excellent snack. That is why all Grupo Apex products maintain the strictest quality and safety standards, right from the start.


We know that if anything defines us it is not just our delicious products, the quality and strict requirements in our processes, but also our people. That is why we focus on their training and development and provide options that help them to maintain a good work-life balance. We implement active policies that guarantee decent and equal work across all the company’s processes and activities.


We invest in and promote the local development of our environment through partnerships with municipal and local institutions, sponsorships and donations. Our activity is focused on supporting initiatives aligned with the group’s values that promote local development, equal opportunities, inclusion, collaboration and teamwork.

Sustainable Strategy 2025

Check here its progress.

EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices Signatories