Marinas, a leading brand on the luxury crisp market, has further consolidated its commitment to the sea and sustainability by becoming the world’s first proponent of “plastic-free” snacks:

  • Same product and quality, different packaging: Without compromising on the quality of the Marinas brand, our product is now packaged in 100% plastic-free packets which can be treated as organic waste.
  • New packaging and design: our modern design clearly displays all the information you need to know about the new packet.
  • The new-look Marinas crisps will be ready for distribution in June and, all being well, available for mass consumption in September.

Ribaforada, 19 May 2021 – Marinas Mediterranean Crisps has stepped up its commitment to protect the sea by launching a 100% plastic-free packaging range and, in so doing, has blazed a trail in the crisp and snack sector by eliminating plastic from its bags.

The innovative packet consists of a piece of film produced with plant-based biodegradable materials sourced from certified woodlands (FSC® and PEFC®) and responsible farming practices. As the various components comply with the circular principle of sustainability (when they are no longer of use, they can be allocated to new production process with a view to subsequently generating new biodegradable films), they can be treated as organic waste.

The Marinas Mediterranean Crisp brand was released onto the market in 2013 and has since garnered a unique reputation among consumers on account of its commitment, its ingredients and its production. Produced exclusively using selected Agria potatoes which are treated with care at every point along their journey from seed to end product, the crisps are slowly pan-fried and subjected to an exclusive centrifuge process which makes them crispier, lighter and more delicious. Salted with Fleur de Sel from the Es Trenc salt mines of Majorca, which is produced using traditional methods and dried by the sea breeze, the crisps incorporate the whole aroma and essence of the Mediterranean.

This initiative further underscores Marinas’ commitment to reduce the presence of plastic in our seas and oceans, and to reduce the adverse impact of its activities on the health of the planet and its inhabitants. With this more sustainable approach, the new-look Marinas brand has finally offered an alternative to consumers who are looking for ways to behave more responsibly.

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