The project aims to improve the amount of healthy, accessible and affordable food available to children

Grupo Apex joined the ALINFA project in July 2019. It is a research project that aims to promote and improve the amount of healthy food available to children between the ages of 3 and 12.

Since then, further research has been carried out on the main supply channels, such as the food available in schools and at home.

We are currently in the development stage, testing prototypes of new snacks designed for afternoon breaks and breakfast, taking into account information gathered over the past year on nutritional needs, attractive formats and new ingredients. Cereals, fruits and vegetables play a key role in the new snacks.

Due to the nature of this project and in order to achieve the excellence and maximum satisfaction with the finished product that we want, we are working with children throughout the process. This means we can find out what they like first hand, as well as other factors that affect their preferences.

ALINFA is a collaborative project, financed by